Christmas spirit 21 day challenge day 6

Watch a classic Christmas movie Not sure if this is considered a classic yet. We watched unaccompanied minors on Netflix. I watch that as a kid and I introduced it to my kids. My daughter watched it my son not so much. A few days ago we watch the first home alone. I haven’t seenContinue reading “Christmas spirit 21 day challenge day 6”

21 day challenge Christmas spirit day 5

Give a compliment to someone I do this regularly for my daughter. I tell her she is smart when we are working on her homework to encourage her. When we color together I tell her how pretty her picture is. Little things like that. I do the same for my son. He is still smallContinue reading “21 day challenge Christmas spirit day 5”

21 day challenge Christmas spirit day 4

Decorate your while house. So I don’t have enough stuff to decorate the while house. But we have a nativity set on the table. Garland around out back French doors and in our kitchen around our extra cupboards that are just open its tall with no doors on the top and I wrapped some garlandContinue reading “21 day challenge Christmas spirit day 4”

Christmas spirt 21 day challenge day 1

Something a littlw different. It is December and my new 21 day challenge is christmas spirit. Instead of posting each challenge everyday. Today is decorate your chriatmas tree. We did for the most part. Here are some of our pictures. We are going to finish it when Hank gets home from work so we canContinue reading “Christmas spirt 21 day challenge day 1”

21 Day Challenge Happiness

As You all know from yesterday. I did two challenges at the same time. Both were pretty easy. I didn’t post them together because I had to finish the last day today. Day 1: listen to your favorite song Current favorite song is Champion by Carrie Underwood and Ludacris Day 2: Spend less time onContinue reading “21 Day Challenge Happiness”