My name is Heather-Ann. I am a mother of two, one beautiful baby girl and one handsome baby boy. I love to write and that is why I have started blogging and freelance writing. I love trying new things, which will all be posted in here.

I am working on a recipe book that is going to be called Healthy cooking. It goes in part with my weightless and fitness. After two babies I am no super model right now. Everything I have learned on my own will be put into a book for everyone so you don’t have to do the whole figure it out yourself. Some of the recipes are also good for those of you who are picky eaters like myself.

I also have several other non related books I am working on finishing that will not be posted to my blog but I might put out some partial chapters for you all. Ounce they are published I’ll set up a link for you all to purchase if you would like to.

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