Day 1 Year In Review 2022

I am doing the 21 day challenge year in review. Since it is the year I thought an update on this challenge would be a good think to look over the last year. Everyday I am going to post for the next 21 days as I do this challenge.

I normally like to post the whole thing all at once but this is not one that I am able to do that with.

Starting off day one of the year in review challenge

List the top five achievements this year. Go ahead and let me know yours as well.

One I got Married

Two I started working on starting my own candle-making business. Even though I am not yet ready to open for business I am super close.

Three attended my first craft show

Four Found out I was pregnant again with baby number three

Five My daughter is in first grade and last year parents did not help with the classroom parties. This year they brought it back to let parents help out. I was in charge of candy cane fishing. Making the candy cane fishing hooks and getting all the candy canes. It was super fun to do. I helped the kids with the game in the class room as well. I also helped the other mom with her crafting section because I am more of a crafter than her and she asked for help so I helped. I can say for sure that it was so much fun. My daughter loved it also.


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