21 Day Challenge Confidence

Day 1: Unfollow all social media accounts that make you feel insecure about yourself.

Don’t have any so no problem

Day 2: Work on accepting compliments rather than denying them today (and always)

A little bit harder to do. I

Day 3: Be conscious about your posture. Keep standing tall all-day

I kept having to remind myself to sit up straight all day. I realized I slouch a lot. That might be why my back hurts sometimes. I also found that while correcting my posture it made my back hurt a little because I am not used to it.

Day 4: Do something you loved to do as a child

I have a lot of books some I haven’t read in years. When I was in middle school I read vampire academy series. Then in high school I read the second series bloodlines. I have the whole vampire series and half of the bloodlines series. In one day I read vampire academy.

Day 5: Do something challenging today, remember that we don’t grow when we’re comfortable

I didn’t have anything that I could do today that was challenging. I am going to keep this in mind over the next month for when something challenging does come up.

Day 6: Write down 10 things you love about yourself

10 things I love about myself are my style, my work ethic, my hair, my writing, My creativity, that I am honesty, my loyalty, my compassion, my eyes, and my sense of humor.

Day 7: Say yes to something you normally wouldn’t

I didn’t have anything that I normally wouldn’t do to day yes to.

Day 8: Implement a new healthy habit

Since I am pregnant I am now taking prenatal vitamins every day. I used to take daily vitamins but I didn’t always remember to take them so now I have an alarm on my phone to take them every day.

Day 9: Speak up when you’ve got something to say

I always do this.

Day 10: Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want

This is hard to do with kids. I did take some time to read for fun.

Day 11: Work on improving your skills on something you love to do or that you would like to start doing

I worked on some making candles and testing out my skills.

Day 12: Write a list of all if your accomplishments and keep adding to it in the future

I have two poems published. It was years ago and I got an editor’s choice award for the one. I have my associate’s degree. I am about to get my bachelor’s degree going to be done in two months.

Day 13: Do a quick workout, take a shower, get ready and put on an outfit that makes you feel great

I didn’t do a workout but I went for a walk around the block with my son. I put on a dress I haven’t worn in a while and with my baby belly it is more of a shirt now and put on some leggings to go with it.

Day 14: Go out (to the cinema/shopping/watch the sunset) by yourself

I can’t really do anything by myself with two kids. While my daughter was at school and I got my son laying down for quit time. I watched a movie in my room by myself.

Day 15: Reach out to an old friend

I talked to a friend briefly that I haven’t spoken to or seen in a few years. I remember why we lost contact now.

Day 16: Come up with positive thoughts for every negative one

I am not sure that I had many negative thoughts today.

Day 17: Give someone a good piece of advice

This wasn’t today but a friend of mine recently had a baby and I gave her some advice I would have wanted when I had my first baby.

Day 18: Do a workout you enjoy

I went for a walk on an easy hiking trail. Since I am pregnant I can’t do a long one or hard to do. I did enjoy the scenery though.

Day 19: Work on small things. Small achievements make you feel good

Small things I worked on is I made a candle and tried to do the marbling. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. It is a learning step to know what I did wrong to not do it next time.

Day 20: Pause and reflect on something before you act, instead of reacting impulsively

I generally do this for most things. Sometimes I will buy impulsively. I checked my bank account first to see if I had the extra money. That is why I overdraft because I don’t always do that. It stopped me from making a bad purchase.

Day 21: Be authentic and embrace your uniqueness. Life is not a competition

I always like to do this. I enjoy what makes me different.


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