21 Day Challenge Happiness

As You all know from yesterday. I did two challenges at the same time. Both were pretty easy. I didn’t post them together because I had to finish the last day today.

Day 1: listen to your favorite song

Current favorite song is Champion by Carrie Underwood and Ludacris

Day 2: Spend less time on your phone

Okay pretty easy. I didn’t touch my phone at all only to check the time a few times during the day. The only think I have that has the correct time on it in my house.

Day 3: Exercise

I do this already it wasn’t a day I would have worked out so I did a two days in a row workout with another set for the next day. Three days in a row look at me go.

Day 4: Cook dinner

Do this everyday not much of a challenge

Day 5: Hug someone you love

Do this everyday. My daughter gets a big hug and kiss before getting on the bus. I hug my son all the time even if he doesn’t want me to. I hug hank a lot to.

Day 6: watch a funny movie

We watched step brothers

Day 7:call a friend

I called my friend Emily. She is in covid quarantine right now. She couldn’t talk much being sick. So I made it short. We talk frequently anyways.

Day 8: Dance like nobody’s watching

I do this too sometimes so today I put on the music turned it up and Heathy and I danced.

Day 9: go out into nature and be an explorer for a day

Took my daughter outside to the back yard and she got an explorer kit from her birthday and we went out and explored nature in our back yard together.

Day 10: buy a gift for someone you love

I got Hank a pickle scented candle for his birthday. It just happened that I have this and his birthday was coming up already and a friend of mine who makes soaps and candles mentioned she was trying this out I jumped on it. It all kind to worked out together which I found funny and kind of awesome.

Day 11: try yoga

I have tried yoga not good at it. I have a yoga for beginners book I go that out for the first time in awhile.

Day 12: go to bed and wake up early

I do this everyday. Not a challenge it has become my routine

Day 13: read something inspiring

So I looked up some inspiring quotes for this. I will share one I found. With the link. I googled and here is the page I found this at on google https://www.google.com/search?q=inspiring+quotes&client=avast-a-2&sxsrf=AOaemvKQMIf3jQDr4FXsl-CBI5w3orxIHw:1638043495781&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi9xcTFq7n0AhV7nGoFHRJiC4UQ_AUoAXoECAMQAw&biw=1536&bih=664&dpr=1.25#imgrc=9QjRFXBCtNbhiM

Then I wen to the webpage and subscribed to them here is that link https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/health/wellness/g2401/inspirational-quotes/

It does cost to subscribe just fyi.

Day 14: meditate for 10 min

The challenge was the baby he didn’t want to take a nap and so finding the time to do this with out my 1.5 year old on my hip or needing something from me was the challenge but I did it eventually.

Day 15: plan a future vacation

Working on planning the honey moon. A day dedicated to that. It still isn’t all the way planned. We have some differences on what we want to do so we are working that out. The place to go and everything is done and planned out the activities isn’t. We will get there.

Day 16: Try a new recipe or cook your favorite meal

I tried a keto recipe from the magazine I got. It was cheesy meatballs. That will be a post for another time. I will have the recipe and what I did differently.

Day 17: Watch the sunset

I took my daughter outside and we watched it together. It now gets dark by the time hanks gets home. My son wasn’t into it he kind of just ran around. It was nice still. I should have gotten a picture but I to busy having the kids tearing me in different directions to get a pictures.

Day 18: Connect with an old friend

I saw someone I am friend on face book with but haven’t talked to in years. She made a post about Christmas cards with recipes in them for Christmas this year. I made a comment on it and We talked for a little bit. I kept wondering who I was going to reconnect with. Most old friends I don’t talk to for a reason. I scrolled face book looking for that person. She was one who life just took us in different direction and we lost touched. We could have talked but we just didn’t.

Day 19: Tell people how much they mean to you

I already do this. I tell my kids everyday and my fiancé. They don’t always do it back like my son can’t talk yet so yeah of course. My does all the time. She tells me I am the best mommy ever.

Day 20: try something new

I got my mom to start teaching me how to crochet. That’s new.

Day 21:go for a walk outside

Heathy and I walked around the block. When I mean walked I strolled him around the block. He actually enjoyed it.

If I made a 21 day challenge that was 100% mine would you guys be interested in it. I have been thinking about it. It just seemed like these aren’t the best ones from this app.

Let me think if anyone would interested in my 21 day challenge series I created and even tried out myself. Let me Know.

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