21 Day Challenge No Junk Food

Day 1: Try to include more vegetables in your meals

Didn’t do this for breakfast but I had a snack that was a small bag of broccoli that my son and I shared for our morning snack. Lunch I had hot dogs and green beans. I really don’t like green beans but I feel like it was better smothered in ketchup but still gross. Dinner we peas and corn. Made two veggies for dinner so proud of myself.

Day 2: No Choclate today

Well I haven’t had any chocolate in awhile and this totally made me want chocolate for no reason.

Day 3: No white bread ( whole grain and only one)

I took this as no bread at all. So I had Pasta it’s not bread. If we get to a day that has no carbs or only whole grains. Yeah we only have the ones that are bad for you. That is something we have to work on.

Day 4: No cookies or cake

With the holidays coming up I had just made a big batch of cookies. I can go one day without eating them. Tomorrow is a new day. We also have pie left over and a big brownie my dad made. Just no cookies I made. We don’t have any cake in the house so that will be easy.

Day 5: No pasta

Oh no. So I only ate meat and veggies and fruit. Sausage and egg for breakfast. Snacked on some raw carrots. Chicken and corn and an orange for dinner.

Day 6: No alcohol (Just water)

I only drink water anyways. Well besides coffee first thing in the morning and I read this as I was drinking my coffee so yeah I will continue my one cup of coffee. I don’t drink that much anyways maybe once in a blue moon. It has been months since I drank last.

Day 7: No potato chips

We only have chips for Hanks lunches. Sometimes I get into them but not often. Again another one that isn’t that hard for me to do.

Day 8: No soda

I stopped drinking pop a while back have only broke that at family evens and since today I don’t have one no problem not drinking pop.

Day 9: No fast food

We do this already. We don’t have money for fast food. We haven’t had fast food in some time now. Any time we break our rule of no fast food we are really disappointed with whatever we got. Once you stop eating fast food. You won’t like it anymore and also it doesn’t fill you up. Well most of it anyway. If you get enough to fill you up then you are paying to much for it.

Day 10: No processed meat

Good day to cook the salmon I have thawing so good job to me. And also had a shrimp salad. Only since I couldn’t have the chicken salad I wanted to make myself for lunch.

Day 11: Try to go vegan all day

So no meat, no dairy, nothing that came from an animal. So carrots for breakfast. Nuts for a snack. And then an apple. All within a few hour of each other. I was really getting jealous of the baby because I didn’t want to force this on him. I wanted what he had. Then I ate a salad with ranch dressing because I forgot their is dairy in that. My bad. I couldn’t keep this up when I made everyone else dinner. I couldn’t find anything for me to eat that would be filling I ate a lot because the fruits and the veggies and the salad just wasn’t filling me up. I think I did pretty well. Today was the hardest out of all of them by far.

Day 12: No candy

Don’t even have candy in my house. I didn’t have plans to buy some any ways.

Day 13: replace potatoes with sweet potatoes

We are out of potatoes and I don’t like sweet potatoes. I wasn’t planning on eating them anyways today.

Day 14: Drink 2l of water today

Super easy I already drinks lots of water today I counted how much I went a little over 2l and it wasn’t as hard as you think.

Day 15: No refined sugar

Sugar was already in my coffee when I read this so I did this for the rest of the day no sugar. When the next morning came for coffee I added milk instead that took the place of creamer and sugar.

Day 16: No dairy

Did you know their is dairy in almost everything. It is to the point where it is annoying. I keep my dairy intake low already because I am lactose intolerant. I can only handle small amounts of dairy. This challenge wasn’t that bad for someone like me who already keeps away for the most part.

Day 17: Eat a lot of fruit

apples, oranges, pears, banana, and made a fruit smoothie. with strawberries as the main one. I believe that recipe I have already but if not I will be adding it soon.

Day 18: Eat more green foods

Broccoli, green beans, peas, lettuce, green apples, green grapes, and made a green smoothie. I will be sharing that recipe later. I have to go back and make sure I haven’t already posted that one on here.

Day 19: Oatmeal for breafast

We don’t have oatmeal. So today was a waste. none of us eat oatmeal. I just fasted a little longer to make up for it.

Day 20: No meat

We had fish. Even though I think that’s meat I have been told no it’s sea food not meat. So okay then. Success that I started eating seafood a few years ago. When I was a kid I never touched it. Now I love it.

Day 21: Congratulations! You’ve passed the challenge (or I hope so). As reward you can eat a small piece of dark choclate.

I went out and go me some dark chocolate.

Just a note about this challenge, It was kind of boring. I hopped for more from this. Most days it wasn’t nothing to do. The few days that it caused more effort it still wan’t that big of a deal.

I know I am just getting back to doing these challenges but I was disappointed with this one. If anyone tries this let me know how it went for you.

Even if you have comments about the challenge from me doing it let me know. I think I am going make some of my own. I am almost done with the app. I haven’t posted all of them on here. I did a couple of these at the same time because this was just so easy. Tomorrow I will have the challenge up that I did right along with this one. If you want to download the app I go the challenges from it is called the 21 day challenge.

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