Stay at home mom life

What does a stay at home mom do? The obvious one is taking care of the kids. Getting them up and ready for school. Taking them to school or getting them on the bus. They get home from school helping with homework. For younger kids you change diapers, potty train, feed them, and play with them. Then you also do the household cleaning.

What else do you do? Also, takes the kids to the park get them out of the house. It isn’t good for anyone to stay cooped up in a house 24/7. It doesn’t matter if you go to the park or for a drive. Go shopping. Have play dates.

Anyone that is new to being a stay at home mom it can be rough at first. I struggled with it at first. I started staying home because it wasn’t worth me going to work. My oldest is in school and my youngest isn’t even two yet. When you work to pay for the cost of child care, then what is the point to going to work? There isn’t one.

It can feel routine and get lonely and boring being a stay at home mom.

Let me give you an example by taking you through a day in my life.

Wake up between 4am and 5am with my fiance. Get coffee made and sit for a little bit waking up. Then make his lunch and coffee in his thermal for the day. Keep him on time getting out the door for work. He leaves by 6am. Start cleaning. Empty the dishwasher from the day before rinse coffee cups and anything else to go back in dishwasher. Start the washer fold clothes from the dryer. Get all the put away. I generally have the downstairs looking nice by 7am when it is time to get my daughter up for school. Sometimes I am finishing up something while she gets dressed and her teeth brushed. Then I get her breakfast, brush her hair, get her snake and water ready for school. 8am the bus comes. Most of the time the baby is still sleeping. I started back to school working on my business degree, so I work on that for a while. Make breakfast for the baby and I. When he gets up we eat and then brush out teeth and get ready for the day. By this time it’s around 10am. I let him run around and play while I do some other cleaning that is a deep clean like cleaning the fridge or scrubbing the floors on my hands and knees. Things like that, that don’t need done everyday just once a week. Do that until noon when it is lunchtime and then nap time. I also take a nap or I watch some Netflix or something like that. Then my daughter gets off the bus between 3:30 and 3:40pm. Help her with homework. Have her play with her brother while I start dinner. Dinner is ready around 6pm and my fiance gets home we eat showers and an hour of chill time before bed time. To wake up and do it all over again.

Some things I do differently from day to day. Never going anywhere is the hardest part and having no one else help out around the house it’s all up to me. Some days it feels endless.

I workout, do some crafting, write, and homework on different days. I am not sure why I feel like this.

Then I realized where is the real me time. The time to my self without any kids. I don’t have it. You still need to make sure your life doesn’t revolve around the kids.

Do you want to know why that is?

One because the kids will move out and then you will go through empty nest syndrome. I am sure that isn’t the worst thing ever. Also, because you need to take care of yourself. Have time with friends Time with your significant other.

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