I will be taking a break from my wedding planning series. Only because I need a break from wedding planning. That is part of the wedding planning process. You need to take breaks from it sometimes. If you don’t you will drive yourself crazy. Enjoy the process. I am enjoying it but I just need a little break. Maybe a month of no planning and then I will jump back into it. This isn’t the first break I have taken for it. Just the first one I have really announced.

My fall hiking spree is over I have 20 trails to do for the centennial tour. Those should finish up the year. If I finish those early we will probably have a holiday special or something like that. I will be planning that out as we do the centennial tour.

Due to my child getting sick I will not be able to do the centennial tour. It is getting colder and I don’t want to get us sick again. Sadly that plan is going to be changing.

I will be working on some post that have been a long time coming. I hope you enjoy.

Please leave comments on anything you guys like. I would love more feedback from all of you.

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