Finishing up the fall hiking spree

These last three trails are going together because I need to get started on my next series. I have already started doing it but I want to have the end time line up with when I finish it to add some extra post for a few weeks or something.

Trails 6

Trail 7 We didn’t get to all of this trail. We saw a sign that said part of the trail was closed and it was getting rougher to push the stroller through. We didn’t want to keep going even though we needed to for the hiking spree. We did and extra trail to make up for it. We did get to see this beautiful water fall before we found out part of the trail is closed.

The trail we did to make up for missing part to trail 7. We loved this trail. Still went though the woods on a platform instead of it being a rocky ride for Heath. Sammi-Jo loved it to. There wasn’t much to see on this trail beside trees and the wildlife. I won’t spam all the wooded picture’s I got. This one give you the idea of what it looks like.

Trail 8

Hank got the same picture but with me and the kids all holding hands and walking. I forgot to get that picture from his phone before making this post. It was so cute. We took Heath out of his stroller to pet a dog. Sammi-Jo had asked these people to pet their dog and we asked if Heath could to. They loved that dog. That do was a good boy for them. Then Heath didn’t want to get back in his stroller he said no I’m walking. So he walked for a good bit with us. The most he walked a trail was for the last one.

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