Trail 5 of the fall Hiking spree

So it rained when I did my 5th trail. I did go alone this time. Right after I dropped my daughter off at school. Hank and Heath were at home. I went to the bog. It rained. I did not get to take any pictures. I could barely keep music on my phone while I walked. It was awful. I had half a mind to turn around and leave.

I was not wearing the proper clothes for the rain. I nearly slid and fell a few time in the mud. I did not get to experience the way I would have wanted to. It is on my list to go back to.

I wonder if they close the parks down in the winter with the snow. I don’t know it sounds like something they would have to do. I am not sure. Even if I don’t get to go back this year I will be going back to the bog next year when it isn’t raining.

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