Poetry book

I just started writing this morning.

I thiught it woukd just be a sence for one of my books.

It took a turn I wasnt planning on.

After the first few sentences, I re wrote it as a peom.

Then it started to turn into a poem a chapter.

Parts of it doesn’t fit into a poem. With some of the dialoge. But still written in poem formate.

All free verse but most chapters follow a formate.

It’s 18 chapters. I believe its done besides editing.

I am so proud of my self.

I have been wanting to write a book where the chapters were poems. But just not any random poems thrown together. I wanted it to tell a story.

It does!

Hopefully I’ll have it edited soon. Not my strong suit.

I have a good feeling about it.

Once i am done editing then i am going to try an publish it.

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