First birthday party

I set for the party by myself since Habk now has a job. Which I’m not complaining about. It was just more work than I thought it was.

All my daughter’s birthday party’s I’ve never had to get table clothes and decorate

I took pictures as I was decorating to show you all.

Table clothes were first on all tables of course. Then I started with the center pieces. Which was green grass which normally would be in an Easter basket but I used it as if the toy animals were chilling in the grass. I thought would be a cool idea.

Pictures of each table.

Then I made the Ballon pit. It took longer to blow up all the balloons than I thought it would.

I put the sign in the yard outside. I was getting overwhelmed with everything that had to be done. Which is why I went outside took a breather and put the sign up.

Then I decided that the mask should go on the table. Mostly because I didn’t know where else to put them so that they were in the way of anything else.

Present table set up. We were so excited about that monkey for Heath. We almost caved and gave it to him early. Im so glad that we didn’t.

I put the hand made banners and money box in that corner. Which is where everyone hangs the happy birthday signs to every party I’ve been to there.

I still had one banner and I was like it’ll go outside. Mostly because I didn’t know where else to put it.

I did that because that is going to be where Heath has his first birthday cake. So it would be seen in the pictures and video.

That sign was Hanks idea. I didn’t know where else to hand it but on the door as you walk in.

The two mask that was kept for Heath. Not that he allowed us to put it on him or anything.

The tattoos of course ended up on the table as well. For the same reason as the mask. No where else to really pit them.

These are party of Heaths present. The toy animals. I didn’t want to just wrap them or have them on the present table so I made it so that they were a present but also part of the decorations.

I finally got the number 1 balloons done. Took me forever to figure out to blow them up. They are not helium balloons. You have a straw you insert into the Ballon and blow it up. It wasn’t working for the longest time.

Heath had to come check out how is party decorations were coming along.

Cake and the smash cake. You go to giant egeal and get a cake you get the smash cake free for first birthdays.

The food. No party is compete without the food.

Heath going to town on his smash cake. Eddie is two and wanted a piece also. It was so cute.

I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked since my phone was close to dying. I saved the battery for the best parts.

Pin the tail on the money. It was a blast. It is late and my phone is charging now.

Sorry I missed my Wednesday and Friday post. I promise I will make it up with more to come this week.

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