FLORIDA: the trip down

We got Sammi-Jo from her dad at 8pm which was 30 minutes early.

We stopped at a gas station to get gas and bathroom breaks. Sammi had to get a pull up on so no accidents in the car while she was sleeping.

On the way down I thought I was driving through Kentucky and Tennessee. I was surprised to see the West Virginia sign.

I had forgotten to change the route the final time when getting it set up after we left the gas station.

I still had my phone on no tolls so I would at least still avoid the tolls.

West Virginia was a hell hole to get out of. It felt like we were driving around in a circle around one mountain going up and down and the turns were tight.

I guess avoiding tolls I had to get off the main highway and took a route I’ve been on before.

Finally we get out of West Virginia and are in Virginia. Virginia wasn’t as bad. Still some mountains but it’s cool when you get to go through the mountain tunnels. I wish the kids would have been awake to see it but they were passed out.

Nothing much to note in North Carolina. But when we go closer to South Carolina the sunnier it got and it was getting warm. Which was a nice change from the cold weather we were having in Ohio.

In South Carolina we initially was stopping for gas and bathroom breaks and we saw a Walmart. And we decided to go there. To be able to stretch our legs a little more. We picked up a couple things while we were there. Hank got a pair of white crocks, we had forgotten to get our comforter so we got a new one, also some drinks and snacks.

Hank was carrying Heath and almost tripped. An older gentleman working at Walmart stopped made a comment and we started talking to him for a little bit. He has served in the military and you could tell you were in the south.

We were starting to see the southern hospitality. If you go to the south you’ll know what I mean. Is northern are rude. I’ve been told that when I was a teen going to Florida. I had to remember my manners that no one uses back home.

It felt like we were in South Carolina for a long time before we hit the Georgia boarder. Georgia wasn’t a bad drive. The only thing we weren’t a mile maybe from the Georgia Florida boarder and there was a crash. I lost track of how many emergency vehicles we saw on the side in-between both highways. Both sides were backed up too.

Finally in Florida. We still have another 3 hours to go to get to Cedar Key.

Little after 5pm we got there. I guess we had passed my mom and I didn’t even know it.

We stopped so many times that our 16 something hour drive turned into a 20 hour drive.

Until the kids are older we are flying from now on that was a hard drive down there.

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