Pandemic Post

This is just a random post I am making about the pandemic going on right now.

My life hasn’t changed much during the pandemic. The only thing is hours have been cut because we aren’t open as long as we used to because business is down.

Hours being cut means less pay and money is tight. I am more behind on bills than I ever have before. I am used to being behind but it has gotten a lot worse.

Just recently my hours went up for only two weeks because we had several people out.

We have one assistant manger out on medical leave she had surgery on her neck and won’t be back for at least another month.

We got a new hire assistant manger and he just got off training, which means he has been at subway for about two weeks now. He gets sick and goes on covid leave. His test came back negative but he was still sick so he took another week off. My store manager also got sick and got tested. Last I heard she was still waiting for her results but she is coming back to work this week.

He first week when my store manager went home sick. I was asked to cover several of her open shifts. I need the hours so I said I would work it. Then the following week I was scheduled like the store manager. Only had one day off. Open to 4pm most days.

One day they even sent to me another store for a few hours to help cover. Work has been a hot mess.

What I meant as my life hasn’t changed much is just that I never really went out much any ways.

Sometimes we’d have some friends get together for game night but it isn’t regular since Emily is finishing up her bachelor’s degree.

I had a baby in the beginning of the pandemic. When I went on maternity leave we didn’t have to wear mask at work but the shut down had already happened. When I had my son I was only allowed one person with me in the hospital. When I had my daughter four years ago I was allowed two at a time and they could rotate people.

How has everyone’s lives changed during the pandmic?

Leave a comment and let me know. I’ll probably have several updates about it in the future.

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