Can This Be Microwaved

Can this be microwaved? Yes, that’s what I was to always say. Now I only use the microwave to heat up left overs. Some left overs I just pop back in the oven to heat up. All depending on what it is.

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When I mean I cooked everything in the microwave I mean everything. Hot dogs go in for about 2 minutes depending on how many you’re making. Canned spaghetti open it put it in a bowl microwave it. It wasn’t until I was homeless living at my best friends’ apartment when she told me to put that on the stove. I just looked at her like she was crazy. Put it on the stove? What? Why?

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All be of that one time, she forced me to use her stove. I was not allowed to use the microwave at all. She barely used it and threatened to get rid of it if I didn’t stop using it. Of course, I panicked when she said that. I need to have it around for when she wouldn’t see I could use it.

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I found out that I actually liked to cook and that it was fun. So many things I put in the microwave that I found out was so much better on the stove. Mac n cheese was one. Making any kind of noodles is easier on the stove. It’s kind of also taste better.

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At this time my daughter was just barely over one year old. I didn’t want to only know microwaved food. It was in reality the best time for me to learn. I mostly taught myself. Sure, my best friend was there sometimes but not all the time.

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It took me a year to learn that you need to boil the water before you put the noodles in no matter what noodles you’re cooking. To this day I still don’t really get why but now I boil the water first then put whatever noodles I am cooking in after it starts boiling. I don’t know why I had never really cooked before. I knew how to use a grill; I just didn’t have one living in an apartment where would I have kept it. You can’t grill inside. For some reason the stove top just scared me. If you can grill you can use the stove. They are really similar in a lot of ways.

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Now I am a lot better of a cook. It helps that I have a supportive boyfriend during my pursuit to learn to cook. He’s the one that told me that I needed to cook. He hated that I couldn’t cook when we got together. I also now have a bigger family so it helps that I have to cook for them.

My boyfriend Hank

Cooking for myself and my daughter who is supper picky, just didn’t seem right to me. My daughter is learning to like new foods that I am cooking and that helps to motive me more.

My daughter and Me

I will be posting my family dinners and everything that I am cooking to help everyone else to learn to cook as well. It is a lot better to have someone to help, than learning it all on your own like I have had to.

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