My family Introduction

This is going to be a shorter post. I wanted to out this out there. My last post I got tired of Typing, my boyfriend, and my boyfriends mom, and my daughter, and the baby.

Hank and I

So I figured it was time to introduce the family. Which wasn’t part of my plan to begin with because I wasn’t really all thrilled with the idea of my daughter being put out on the internet like that. Now that I have my son I feel the same way.

Hank, Sammi-Jo, and I

I also feel like I need to be upfront and honest with you all. Show you my family and everything that we are doing that is relevant to what I post. Obviously I don’t post everything about our lives. That would be a lot to do and never ending posting.

Janet, Sammi-Jo, and Heath

I’ve already introduced myself. If your reading this you should already have a little idea about me.

Next member of the family is my daughter, Sammi-Jo. She was the second member of the family. I haven to go in order.

Hank and Sammi-Jo

My boyfriend, Hank, is the third member of the family. Even thought we aren’t married we are still a family.

Our son, Heath, Joined the family to make us a family of four.

Sammi-Jo, Heath, and I

Sometimes you’ll hear me talk about Hank’s mom. That’s Janet. We all currently live together.

There are some other people that won’t be talked about much but I am still going to add them here.

Heath and I

Hank has one sister from his father, Jayne. Then three sisters from his mom. They are in order Lindsey, Lexsis, and Leslie. He also has a brother which is his now ex – step dad but he still calls him dad son, Tristen. I should probably also introduce His dad, Chris, just to make this easy and less complicated.

Hank and Heath

Of course there’s my parent’s as well, Phil and Dawn. I won’t ever talk about my siblings so they aren’t going to be mentioned. I also have my adoptive mom, Rhonda.

Lindsey and her husband I don’t know his name, Janet and Heath

We also have our four legged baby, Willow, a black cat. I won’t mention her much in my blog but she is an important family member.

Lexsis her boyfriend Shay and his son Rowan and Heath

Now these next people are as close to me as family. One is Sammi-Jo God mom, Tiara. We’ve been friends since 8th grade.

Leslie and Heath

Then there is Emily we meet in college and She is Heath’s God mom. Emily’s family as well. They will be named if they come up in the blog anywhere.

I do have some other friends that may or may not be in here but I am going to list them any way.


Jordan and her whole family is like a second family to me. I’ll name all of them as they come up but there are just way to many to do right now.

Emily, Sammi-Jo, and Heath

Then there is Jeff, who started off as a coworker and then became a friend.

Hope who runs hope for single mothers and her daughters have watched my kids several times.

Sammi-Jo and Tiara, her God mom

If anyone else comes up later, I’ll mention them at that time. As of right now they are not planned to be part of my blog.

2 thoughts on “My family Introduction

  1. I love how you added the pictures of everyone you were introducing. Beautiful kids. Your boyfriend seems like a good dad and fun guy to be with. I’m glad you introduced your family to us. Putting faces to the names you talk about is really awesome. I’m glad you did it.

    Liked by 1 person

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