First Few Weeks at New House

I now have an eight-month-old son and a four-year-old daughter. Getting things done can be tricky some days. I really should say most days. My son likes to have constant attention and he is an explorer. He is no longer happy being in his pack n play or his jumper or his walker. We have to keep switching him back and forth between all three. Doesn’t leave much time to do anything else.

Boyfriend and kids in the middle of moving out

We recently moved. It wasn’t a planned move and it has been complicated. We moved in with my boyfriend’s mom. I’m not going to get into all the sticky details of everything. She didn’t have everything unpacked and ready for us to move in when we got dumped here. She had just moved back into this house and was getting everything together. Moving two households into one, no matter how big the house is, is complicated.

The Baby’s room when we first moved

I didn’t even have time to pack everything to be organized for when we unpacked. I just ended up throwing stuff in boxes. We were given one week to move by my boyfriend’s dad and I still had to go to work most of the week, while my boyfriend had the kids. That makes unpacking a struggle because you don’t know where anything is at.

My daughters room when we first moved in

The first few months have been hard trying to find where to put stuff when we don’t have anywhere to put it. It’s a big house but with little storage, which we still have to go and get. Here is how the first week went.

Living room before I got everything moved

It was Sunday night and we were tired from moving for the past week. The first thing we did was get the beds together the first night. Of course, you need somewhere to sleep. We didn’t have the dressers all in the right rooms at first and boxes were stacked in the garage and in every room of the house. We got my daughters bed together before we moved because she got a new bed. My son slept in his portable sleeper bed, which we had in my boyfriend’s and I’s room and we got our bed together. That was when everything was mostly moved. There were only a few item’s I had to go back and pick up as I cleaned the house after my boyfriend left with his dad for work three hours away.

My room shortly after moving in

After moving everything my boyfriend was supposed to leave right away after we got our beds together. Lucky, he got to stay. We thought he would be leaving in the morning. Lucky for us he got to stay.

Only things left in living room was Janet’s My boyfriends moms stuff

Monday morning, we worked on moving things that were downstairs upstairs. So that way I would have better access to go through things while my boyfriend was gone. I wouldn’t have to make so many trips up and down the stairs trying to handle two kids. I closed that night. We got a good bit done that day. Several boxes put away. All clothes taken from downstairs upstairs. My boyfriend’s mom wanted us to work on the kitchen because it was a mess. We needed to get out all our kitchen stuff so that way it would be able to function.  

Starting to get organized

Tuesday Morning that’s what we started with. It was my day off. In the morning my daughter went to her fathers. So it was just the three of us. I also had to take my son to the dr. He was extra fussy all day long and wouldn’t really open his eyes. I got worried and called his doctor and took him in. Apparently, some dust from moving and cleaning got into his eye and it go scratched. By the end of the day the kitchen was mostly done. Also that day my boyfriends brother-in-law called him about a job to help him out with the next day. Since My boyfriend already had plans to go back and work with his dad he called his dad to tell him about it. Wednesday which was also my day off instead of working on our house we went to our old house and worked on the garage. Which I got to say most of that stuff wasn’t ours to begin with but we spent a good part of the day there. We also made a trip to the bank and a few other things but we never got to work on our house. That night my boyfriend left with his dad. If he would have stayed a bit longer more things could have been done and it would have been a lot easier on me. I was able to get a babysitter for my Thursday shift which was a closing shift. I started working more on the clothes and staying upstairs because I really needed to get that done first.

Baby’s room Done

I kept jumping around with hanging up clothes and then working on the dressers because we were switching dresser. It was really slow going. I didn’t have any help. Like I said earlier my son can be a handful sometimes. I really wanted to get my daughters room done first. She is four years old and I wanted to get her stuff right first. Her room couldn’t stay in the state that it was in. She needed to be out of this disarray that was going on and she needs to have consistency.

Daughter room Almost dome. Bag of donations there. Only had to move dressers

A week later of my boyfriend being gone, he told me I could come drop the baby to him. So I did. That was when I got the most stuff done. It wasn’t completed but it sure did look a lot better.

Kitchen Almost done.

Some of these pictures are a month later. To date we still have some of my boyfriends mom stuff to finishing getting put away. Then I’ll need to reorganize ounce there are no more boxes in the house.

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