5 Decluttering Hacks

            You are moving and you have a lot of clutter but don’t want to move it all. Maybe you don’t have space for it all in your new place. No matter the reason, you want to cut back on your packing and unpacking mess without even packing things you don’t need in the first place.

Tip #1

      As you are packing think to yourself “Where am I going to put this” If your new place has a place and need for it keep it. Pack it up in a box with like things and label. I you have no idea where you are going to put it and don’t need it. Don’t Pack it.

Tip #2

      Start several piles that aren’t being packed. One that is for trash, one for goodwill or giveaway, one for sale. If you don’t want to have a garage sale before moving then just put it in giveaway.

      Personally, if it is in good condition and I have time I will put in on Facebook market place and or have a garage sale.

            A list of some things I personally recently went through while I was packing and moving and unpacking. It is better to get rid of things before packing verses unpacking. What to know why. It is simple, you save time and energy. You spent time and energy packing up all your stuff and moving it. Then you are spending time and energy on unpacking everything. Get it gone before you pack it. Trust me it is way easier. Like I mentioned in my 5 packing tips our move ended up being messes and I wasn’t able to use my system I shared with my 5 tips.  

            This is part of my system for packing but also anytime I am decluttering. Like spring cleaning time or for me I like to do it for each season change.

            Some things I ended up tossing out after moving that could have been done before to save us time and energy.

            Candles – how many candles do you have in your house. I can’t even begin to give you a number. I have candles in every room of the house and more than one. I love candles. How many of those candles are useless really but you just want to burn it one more time. I had like 10. The wick wouldn’t light anymore or you could barely call it a candle because of how far you burnt it down. Me! That me right here. I had some homemade candles from a friend and they didn’t turn out right and they just looked pretty and I didn’t want toss them out. You have to at some point.

            Clothes – I have a weak spot for clothes. Therefore, all of us have way more clothes than we need or wear. If you aren’t sure about tossing out your clothes because maybe one day you will wear it. If you haven’t worn it in two years you’re not going to.

Tip #3

            When you hang up your clothes at your new place turn the hangers backwards. When you wear something have the hanger facing the proper way. After one year whatever is still facing the wrong way, it’s time to say goodbye.

            Don’t just do your clothes. Do your kids the same way, along with your spouse. Even if your spouse says no. Still do it. Only thing is before tossing your spouse clothing check with them first. There might be something important in there.

Tip #4

            Did you know out of old shirt you can have a quilt made? You can, which is a good way to get ride of old stuff without keeping all kind of totes of clothes that was from whatever year in school. Those shirts from vacations. All your kids first holiday clothes. Make quilts.

            I will be learning how to make a quilt soon. I got several to get started on. JoAnn’s has quilting classes. Not sure if they have started up again since covid but always a nice place to check.

            I know all the ladies here will get mad for this next one but here it goes.

            Jewelry – do you wear? No, gone, goodbye. Is it a family heirloom keep it. Not saying you can’t keep any just what you no longer wear or no longer like. People taste change over the years. No point in keeping something you don’t like just because you spent all kinds of money on it. This is where your sell pile comes into place. You probably can make some of that back, you spent years ago. You never know till you try.

            Pot and pans – I’ll be the first one here to raise my hand I have two places for pots and pans and some in storage still because they don’t fit. I may use only a fraction of them. I was good recently and threw about three boxes away. More like goodwilled away. I just have to make the trip. One box was pots and pans. I’ll come back to what the other two are in the next section. I have way more that I can still get ride of. We just have to finish the garage for those ones. Not all of them in the house are mine. Some are my soon to be mother in laws. She wouldn’t like it if I started throwing her stuff away. Even though I am the one who cooks and cleans afterward. Never mind that.  

            Tuba wear – Those other two boxes I mentioned were filled with bowls with no lids and lids with no bowls. We have no cupboard space for all that. Plus, we don’t use them all like that. They went bye byes. These ones I even did inside also. I confirmed with my soon to be mother in law before I did. Just to make that clear.

            Coffee cups – The number one gift to be given to me. My best friend she used to always buy everyone a coffee cup for Christmas and birthdays. Until she was told no more. None of us had any space left. I am guilty of it too. When you bring people back souvenirs coffee cups are the way to go. That’s what I do. It’s the easiest thing to buy for people. On our recent Florida trip I got my soon to be mother in law two coffee cups. One from Cedar Key and one from Clearwater. Living with her I already knew we didn’t have space for them. Coffee cups with that chip on them or handle is broken. Just toss it man. It will not hurt you. Mention you need coffee cups to one person and you will be overstocked again.

            Spices – Did you know spices don’t last forever? I didn’t. I found some that had gotten wet or something and was just one big clump. We had salt in the big container and I tried to put it in our little shaker and I was like why isn’t this working. It was one ball of salt that didn’t want to break apart. Okay trash it. Happened once to my sugar too. Then I went through all the spice. Found several just barely anything in there. Not enough for even one use. I got rid of it what is the point if I can’t get a whole use out of it. Got to replace it anyways.

            Calendars – How many calendars do you have that not of this current year? One, okay still toss it after you have gotten birthday in new one. Almost 10 like me. Yeah, time to get them all out. Don’t need them.

Tip #5

            Get a recycling pile going. I should have mentioned that earlier. This last one would be best if you recycled.

            There are so many other things I can add to list. If you would like an extended list. Shoot me a comment. I will start working on another one. If there is something specific you want for decluttering information shoot me and email or comment. I will get back to you right away.

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