9 Decluttering Hacks

  • Lady’s how many of you have so many lotions that it is taking up so much space in your bathroom you don’t have space for it all. Why do we keep them? Half of them were probably gifts and you were just being nice and said you liked it, when in reality you hate it. Been there done that myself. You can’t keep it forever. They will never know you regift it to someone else. Throw it in the trash if you don’t know someone who will like it. Then there’s the ones that we love so much they are almost gone but not quite yet. There still isn’t enough in the bottle for one last uses though and you know this. You plan on buying the same kind so you can finish it off. When you went to get it, they weren’t there anymore so you buy something else instead. That almost gone, barely has anything left in it just sits there. It’s time to toss it. I lost count of how many I just threw away. I got mine from Avon my favorite seasonal scents. I couldn’t find another Avon person so I just gave it up. I couldn’t find it anywhere else. In the trash they went.
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com
  • Perfumes Lady’s. I personally don’t wear perfume every often. I had one I loved it. It was some Harley Quinn perfume I got from my best friend because she didn’t like it. I have no idea where it got to in the move. I found so many others I barely touched because it’s just not me. I tried to give them to my boyfriend’s mom. She didn’t want them. I don’t know his sisters well enough to just be like hey you want this. I don’t so it’s not like I am trying to tell you that you stink or anything I just don’t want it. There was like five bottles I ended up tossing. I don’t have space for it. I don’t use it. I don’t want it. I don’t need it. So, it went bye, bye.
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  • Let’s talk about your nail polish. Any old dried-up nail polish that you can’t or don’t use. It is time for them to meet their end. Even if it was once your favorite color. You don’t need to keep it. You’ll find yourself your next favorite color that isn’t dried up or clumpy.
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com
  • When I first moved in with my boyfriend the house was one of his parent’s properties. They had a good bit of their stuff there because at one time they were going to make that their house but never did. They had several old games there. I thought that was cool because my friends and I would have game nights all the time. The first one we pulled out was risk. It didn’t even have half the pieces to play it so we made our own. Then we went and got a new one. Then I tossed the game. Without my boyfriend knowing. He didn’t want me to. We just kept going through that process over and over again. Until we made it through them all. Now we have more game space to buy new ones or even replace the ones that had missing pieces. This also goes for card games. Card games you can get away with missing a few cards.
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  • I love doing art projects with my daughter. We go through art supplies like they are going out of style. So, when I buy them now, I buy them in bulk so they last longer. I recently found that half our markers no longer work they are all dried up. Almost every single crayon is broken. We can’t even get to everything because It’s so packed and cluttered. We have one of those five drawer clear storage containers you can get from Walmart. I recently went through it all. I tried out all markers, pens, and sharpies. Threw away the ones that no longer worker and ones that barely worked. I did keep some of the broken crayons and just threw away the shorter half that you can barely hold to use. All died up paint got tossed. Old paint brushes that have been used way to main times and are hard and stiff. The old papers that we used to cut from that there is barely any of the paper left. I kept telling myself that oh it can still be used. No, it can’t there might seem like a lot but it had been cut too many times to get anything decent left from it. Some of our tracing outlines are ripped and taped together. I looked at it and said it’s time to go. After all that. I organized it. Top drawer is for all the crayons, pens, color pencil, markers, sharpies. They are each in a little pencil pouch or a crayon box. Next is all the paint and paint brushes. Then you have all the paper. Regular white paper and then different color paper. Also, I have some like fabric paper. Not really sure what it is called. Next is the tracking outlines, and the stickers. I also keep the glue and scissors in this drawer. The last one has paper plates for crafts, string, cotton balls, and the googly eyes. Everything else. There are beads in there also. There is still so much left that I don’t even need to out and replace any of it. If I do it will be as a birthday or Christmas present for my daughter.
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  • Moving on the cleaning supplies. So I am a big weirdo when it comes to cleaning supplies. We have it all. I found out when we moved how many duplicates and almost empty cleaning supplies I had. I kept the bathroom cleaning stuff in the bathroom. Kitchen in the kitchen. I have different cleaning supplies that do the same thing. I don’t believe in throwing cleaning supplies away. I will never tell you to do that. Here’s how to organize them better so they aren’t everywhere. We have two bathrooms. Each bathroom has it’s own set of cleaning supplies. Since the upstairs doesn’t have a shower the shower ones go down stairs. I have only two in the upstairs bathroom. The works toilet bowl cleaner. That is the one that cleans the inside of the toilet. Then I have the foaming one. This one cleans the seat, the back, and the sides. I will not go buy more until it is 100% gone. We must only have one left in the house. I found myself running to the store as soon as it runs lows and then using the new one and letting the old one get pushed to the back. Now I know what is there at all times and I am not wasting money on something I still have and don’t yet need. Same thing for the downstairs bathroom. The foaming one can also be used in the shower. The bathroom downstairs also only has two cleaning supplies under the sink. The kitchen is the messes one of them all. It has the bleach, The Lysol to clean the counters with the spray, them the Lysol spray that you spray around the room to kill germs. I have the Lysol wipes to wipe down door handles and I also use it on the dining room table and the stands in the living room. The Windex, window cleaner, The dishwasher soap and the jet dry. Oven cleaner, pin-sol, fabulous and different scents as well. Now I make sure I only have one scent at a time. It is not needed to have three different scents. I put the bleach and the pin-sol and the fabulous in a row so I can see and easily reach which ever I am planning to us. All the Lysol stuff is in a row again they can easily be reached. Ounce I gout out the almost done bottles it is so much more organized with not much effort. I did an extra cleaning just to get rid of the almost gone cleaning stuff. It never hurts to clean more.
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  • What goes on a night Stand? A lamp for sure is the biggest one. Do you need all that extra change and cups and note books? For some maybe your bible if you read that before bed. Maybe a highlighter with it or maybe just a small notebook. Maybe just a regular book for some others. Those of us with glasses need space for our glasses at night so maybe a glasses case or if you’re like me I just set them there. Before I cleared off both my boyfriend’s side and my side of the bed night stands. On my side I had my lamp, an ash tray, the ps4 controller, Q tips, bills, six notebooks, some loss papers, a hair brush, a subway cup, a penial bag with sharpies and pens in it, my latest snack wrapper. Now I have my lamp which I don’t really use but it’s there. My ashtray, both my boyfriend and I smoke occasionally. That is all that is left. When I start my next book that will be there as well. When I go to bed my glasses with be there. It looks nice now and there’s actually space on it. My boyfriends’ side was almost as bad as mine. Now he has his lamp which is the one we use all the time. The baby monitor, because he is closet to the door. His ashtray is on there and his glasses which he never wears anyway. It feels good to go to bed and see it nice and clean instead of all cluttered. It put you in a better mood before going to sleep.
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  • The next big adventure is your medicine cabinet. Look at everything expiration date. If it is expired it will not work as effectively and therefore you do not need it. Prescriptions medicine that you never finished, you need to take back to your pharmacy. They should have days and times for that kind of drop off. Prescriptions should never just be thrown in the trash. Doing that should effectively clean out your medicine cabinet.
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  • Our last big adventure for today is the dressers. If your dresser is over filled, that means it’s time to declutter it. Maybe donate some of it, give it away, sell it, or throw it away. If you have one of your dresser drawers as a junk drawer than get rid of it or find a new place it. Best thing to do is get ide of it. You move it then you’ll just have to go threw it at another time and you’ll end up wasting your valuable time moving it from one place to another before it ever really gets dealt with. Let’s start with the top drawer of the dresser. Your underwear and socks and bra’s. If they don’t all fit in one drawer then you need to get rid of something. Any holy socks making it all not fit needs to go. Ripped bras that don’t fit right. Underwear you don’t wear that you’re only keeping as back up which you never end up needing. Second drawer personally I have my hats, scarfs, gloves, swim suit, and lingerie. I have only one swim suit because you don’t need more than one. One hat as well, I do have like three pair of fingerless gloves but they all fit. I have two fashion scarfs and one winter one. Then a couple Lingerie outfits. If you have more than one swim suit pick your favorite keep it donate or stoss or sell the others. Same thing with everything else. I do have one apir of tights in there as well. Third drawer is where I have my shorts. I went through and made a donate pile with everything that didn’t fit. Now they all fit in one. Fourth drawer is Sweat pants and pajama bottoms. Again I had to get ride of some in order for everything to fit. My last one I don’t need and we needed a spot for our movies. The are organized in the bottom drawer. They won’t stay there but it’s there spot for now.
Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com

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