What Is Fasting

I’m sure everyone has heard of fasting before. I know some religions believe in fasting. They do some sort of fasting at different times. Fasting for weight loss is different. There is this app called fastic. It help you keep track of how long you are fasting for. When I first started fasting, I used it. It was a big help them but I no longer need it. Fasting for weight loss is also know as intermittent fasting. You go a period of time without eating anything. You can have water but that’s it. The minimum fasting time is 12 hours. It is the easy form of fasting for beginners. That is what I started off doing and what I still do. Sometimes I fast longer but it isn’t intentional. There are other types of fasting. You can fast every other day. Not really sure how people do that. Then there are other times than just 12 hours a day.

If you download that app I was just talking about it will give you the option on what you fasting time will be and what your eating window is. You can change it all you want. Some people need to fast longer than others to see any results. Others have to do some sort or diet plan with fasting. Just work out and doing the fasting plan.

Fasting alone does not say anything about diet restrictions. You can eat all you want, anything you want in your eating window. I personally think that is one of the cool things about fasting.

I have taken my own personal twist to it. I only fast for 12 hours a day. Sometimes it’s longer depending on other things that get in the way. I also count my calories for my eating window. I don’t eat whatever I want whenever I want, like most other fasters. I was also on a workout routine that I have had to put on hold due to dislocating my knee cap. I am still recovering from it. Even though I took out the workout part, it is still good enough to doing the fasting and calorie counting. If you have any questions about fasting. Or questions about my personal twist to what originally started out as just fasting. Email me in the contact page or leave a comment. I will get back to you within an hour or two.

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