Hi everyone and welcome to my blog. My name is Heather-Ann or you can call my Heather. I also have a pen name for the books I am working on writing which is Rogue Knight. My college friends also call me Rogue. I am starting this blog because I want to help other people who are or have been some of the places I have been. That is why I decided to call this blog Life’s Busy Adventures. Life does give us all a lot of twist and turns. This is a safe place for me to share what I have been through to help you all learn from my mistakes. Also learn new things and grow as people. I know for sure that I am growing and learning new things everyday even at the age of 24. I will be covering many different topics. On being under my unplanned Love which will all relate to being a single mother. It will start from the time I found out I was pregnant at 19 and in college to present day with a second baby while living with my boyfriend who is my second baby’s dad. My next subtopic is called microwave. I know that might sound funny but I used to be the worst cook ever. I made everything in the microwave hence the name of this section. Now I am able to cook many different meals without needing any instructions. I will also cover homemade baked goods in this section. I may end up making the homemade baked goods their own section but for now they will be posted here. I will eventually get the recipes together in a cook book one of these days. I’m even thinking about starting a YouTube channel teaching everyone how to make everything that I had to learn on my own. My next section is my fitness subsection. This one is all about weight loss and different scam diet plans I’ve been one in the past which don’t work the greatest. Also, workout plans I have found and changed to fit my life and works pretty well for me. As of right now those are my three sections for my blog. I may grow the sections out as I become more experienced with blogging and finding out what everyone likes me to blog about. I am hoping to connect with all of you through this coming year. Whether you are a single mother yourself or maybe your married with kids and you want to see what activities and such I do with my kids. Maybe you’re struggling with your weight and sticking to that disgusting diet food and you find some of my diet friendly recipes. Maybe your already super fit just looking for new ideas to add to your diet and/or workout routine. No matter who you are I look forward to seeing your comments on my blog and getting to know what you all would like to see more of on my blog.

8 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. You need to work on your grammar for some of your post. I have read all of them and I believe you will get better the more experience you get and the more comments you get.

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    1. I will be working on my grammar. I will be going back and editing. I am getting some grammar books to help me out. I don’t want people to be turned away from my blog because of my grammar.


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