Who Is Lazy?

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This is something I wouldn’t normally post about but I just wanted to get everyone’s opinion about it.

A friend of mine, Annie, is having some troubles with her boyfriend’s mother, Janet. They all live together. Annie and her boyfriend and there two kids and Janet.

Now I am going to let you know who does what without letting you know until the end who is who. It’s be labeled as person one and person two. At the end I would like everyone who reads this to comment.

Person one works at Walmart. That is really all she does. She comes home and doesn’t do anything. Just goes to her room and stays there the rest of the day. She doesn’t even really come out on her days off. She has only cooked a handful of times since they all moved into together. She doesn’t do dishes. maybe put a few in the dishwasher. Only washed a few dishes one time.

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Person two works at Subway. She cooks almost every night. She cleans everyday. The kitchen gets done ounce sometimes twice a day. Worked on unpacking and putting away person ones stuff. Is always doing something. Barely gets any time to sit down and relax.

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Person one is saying that person two is lazy and doesn’t clean up after herself. Is mean to the one child and just lets the other child cry all day. Is always criticizing person two. To the point where person two ends up crying and wondering where the hell all this is coming from.

As you noticed from above person two is the one who does the most. So how in the world does person one get off saying this.

Now who do you think is person one and person two?

I tried to keep out details that would give it away to this point. Person one is Janet the mother. She babies the oldest kid and makes it so that the parents cannot even parent her. The baby she won’t do nothing for. In fact every time she has the baby alone in her room the baby ends up getting hurt. That’s probably because she isn’t even paying attention to him.

Person two is my friend Annie. She takes care of her kids with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend even admitted that she does more than him. She is the reason the household is still running. She buys the food and cooks for everyone. She cleans up dinner. Oh she might leave a few rinsed dishes to wash in the morning because the has two kids and works. She is tried. I can’t blame her for leaving just a few dishes to do in the morning which she does every morning.

Annie unpacked and helped Janet get the living room right so that way they could put the tree up. Janet keeps trying to say everything in there was Annie’s. No it wasn’t.

Janet won’t even get her own room cleaned and put together. She sits on her phone playing phone games or watching some T.V.

Photo by Beata Dudovu00e1 on Pexels.com

Janet is 47 years old

Annie is 24 years old

Who do you think is the “lazy” one?

Please everyone comment with any advice for Annie. Yes, Annie Knows I posted this. She even asked me to. Even thought she knows my blog is brand new and I might not get that many reads. Please let us help her out.

6 thoughts on “Who Is Lazy?

  1. I think Janet is old enough and should actually get her shit together and help Annie around the house. Annie sounds like she has a lot on her plate so Janet needs to get up off her butt and actually help poor Annie

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